Anglican Marketplace offers a growing spectrum of books and other resources produced or thoughtfully selected by The Prayer Book Society of the USA (The Society for the Preservation of the Book of Common Prayer).

Anglican Marketplace is intended to serve as the on-line clearinghouse for items of interest for the traditional Anglican. By offering and commending an array of Anglican books, music, and liturgical items for use in your personal devotional life as well as in the liturgical life of your parish, we pray that this website will help you deepen your faith. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us.

Some of the works commended on this site have been produced by the Prayer Book Society or are otherwise directly available from Anglican Marketplace, and some are offered by other vendors, including We offer this information primarily as a service, and secondarily as a means of defraying the costs of PBS’ mission. However, we are not responsible for any difficulties regarding price, availability, ordering or shipping with any other vendors. Orders for items available directly from or through the Marketplace can be completed on this site; an order for an item available from Amazon or another vendor can be completed by following the link or links provided to that item on a different site.

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This website is a ministry of the Prayer Book Society, which is committed to advancing traditional Anglicanism and, to that end, promoting the use and understanding of the traditional Books of Common Prayer. For further information about the Prayer Book Society, visit them online.

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